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Visionary Startup Arthrotó Launches to Revolutionize the Future of Housing with DIRTT

July 21, 20233 min read

Arthrotó, in partnership with DIRTT, will meet the urgent need for affordable and sustainable development, converting unused office spaces into residential, mixed-use housing

Arthrotó, a visionary new startup, launched today with a mission to transform the housing industry and address the urgent need for cost-effective, sustainable and efficient housing across North America. In partnership with DIRTT, the company is focused on using prefabrication methodologies to convert underutilized office spaces into modern residential and mixed-use housing.

Arthrotó will use a holistic approach to provide end-to-end integration of unoccupied spaces. From day one, the startup is positioned to be the outlier and disruptor in converting massive amounts of unused office space to residential and mixed-use housing, without having to rely on wasteful and outdated conventional construction methods.

“The launch of Arthrotó marks a groundbreaking evolution in the housing industry as we strive to repurpose underutilized office spaces into thriving residential and mixed-use communities,” said Doug Hayden, president and founder of Arthrotó. “By leveraging the principles that have existed for decades in prefabricated, prefinished, volumetric construction for office spaces, Arthrotó applies massive gains in productivity. By using new technologies, we can ensure cleaner and safer construction projects, rapid deployment times, reduced onsite labour and help clients meet their ESG targets, which in turn helps pave the way for sustainable urban development.”

To help bring Arthrotó’s vision to life, the startup has formed a strategic partnership with DIRTT, a global leader in industrialized construction for interior spaces. DIRTT specializes in customizable, adaptable and sustainable interior construction. Their innovative construction system, combined with its emphasis on adaptability and sustainability, provide a strong foundation for Arthrotó’s future ventures.

What sets Arthrotó apart is its comprehensive systems approach to providing an integrated solution. The startup has strategically partnered with market leaders like DIRTT in various fields to ensure imbedded quality and efficiency throughout the construction process. By collaborating with companies that specialize in prefabricated interior structures, building information management systems, smart home, state-of-the-art HVAC systems and new AI design tools, Arthrotó aims to provide an all-encompassing approach that will cover every aspect of a project, from design to implementation.

"Our collaboration with Arthrotó represents an innovative stride in urban redevelopment that aims to set new standards in the industry,” said Benjamin Urban, CEO of DIRTT. “Our approach to adaptable interior construction and our focus on sustainable building aligns well with Arthrotó’s mission.”

Arthrotó is currently focused on developing strategic alliances and joint ventures, along with uncovering potential projects. The company has already attracted significant attention from investors, developers, commercial real estate brokers and urban planners alike. It is continuing to seek collaborations with building owners, asset managers, REITs, RELPs, pension funds and banks that have unused office space and are looking to conversion as a possible solution.

"I strongly encourage those who share our vision to invest in our mission and partner with us,” said Hayden. “With your support, we can lead the charge in revolutionizing the housing industry by offering affordable, sustainable options to help overcome high demands.”

As Arthrotó forges ahead, its commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability will reshape the future of housing and pave the way for revitalized communities in unused office spaces. To learn more about Arthrotó’s progress, opportunities for collaboration or to propose a project, visit www.Arthrotó.com

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