What does Arthrotó do?

What sets Arthrotó apart is its comprehensive approach to providing an integrated solution. Arthroto has partnered with market leaders in various fields to ensure the highest quality and efficiency throughout the construction process. This creates a holistic offering that covers every aspect of a project, from design to implementation.

Why launch Arthrotó now?

There is a worldwide shortage of housing. Canada needs 5 million homes by 2030 to meet the growing demand, while the US needs 20 million. Meanwhile, more and more office buildings are sitting vacant in cities across North America. Arthrotó is on a mission to transform the housing industry and breathe new life into underutilized office spaces.

What markets will Arthrotó operate in?

Arthrotó is seeking potential projects in markets across North America.

Does Arthrotó have any potential projects on the horizon?

Arthrotó is currently focused on developing strategic alliances and joint ventures, along with uncovering potential projects. We have already attracted significant attention from investors, developers, commercial real estate brokers and urban planners. We are continuing to seek collaborations with building owners, asset managers, REITs, RELPs, pension funds and banks that have unused office space and are looking at conversion as a possible solution. 

How do you know that Arthrotó’s approach will work if you don’t have any projects?

While Arthrotó is still in its early stages, focusing on capital-raising, securing additional strategic partnerships and uncovering potential projects, the partnership with DIRTT provides a strong foundation for future ventures. This partnership promises a combination of adaptability, efficiency, sustainability and comprehensive support, which will lead to successful, high-quality and sustainable construction projects.

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