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September 22, 20233 min read

Central to DIRTT’s innovative approach is their proprietary design integration software, ICE®. Developed by Ice Edge®, a technology division of DIRTT, ICE is a revolutionary software solution to ease the complex design and construction process.

ICE leverages gaming visualization technology to offer a rich, immersive design experience. It allows users to create and modify spaces in real-time and offers instan-taneous feedback on visual design, space usage, and pricing. Crucially, all changes made in ICE are immediately recorded in the project file, which includes detailed manufacturing information, making the project ready to order as soon as it has been signed off.

Another critical component of ICE is ICEreality®, a virtual reality platform that allows stakeholders to explore their space before its ever built in a cloud-based virtual experience No matter where they are, as long as they have an internet connection, users can make design decisions collaboratively empowering rapid, real-time design decision-making.

On the sustainability front, DIRTT’s product philosophy revolves around a construction system that uses a universal interface to allow interchangeable parts, maximizing the lifecycle of its products. This commitment to sustainability includes a principle of non-obsolescence, ensuring that new components work with all past DIRTT components.

Over the years, ICE has grown to include many clients worldwide, with thousands of designers using the software daily. It remains at the core of DIRTT’s operations, holding all the information needed to go from design to installation.

ICE will undoubtedly offer multifaceted benefits to Arthrotó in its pursuit of urban redevelopment via modular construction. It facilitates real-time creation and modification of spaces, enabling Arthrotó to tailor their designs of converted office spaces into residential, mixed-use, and hospitality developments efficiently and intuitively. Its ability to provide immediate feedback on visual design, space usage, and pricing empowers Arthrotó to make informed decisions leading to better quality outcomes and more cost-effective solutions.

Additionally, ICE’s ability to record all changes in the project file, including detailed manufacturing information, significantly streamlines the process from design to order. For a company like Arthrotó, which is focused on converting unused office spaces with speed and cost-effectiveness, adopting the DIRTT’s Construction System and ICE reduces construction time and cost. It also enhances the quality assurance process, as the precision inherent in the system contributes to the flawless assembly of the prefabricated structures. Moreover, the system’s compatibility with ICE reality strengthens project management and execution, aiding Arthrotó in swiftly responding to evolving project demands.

ICE’s innovation goes beyond its technological aspects. Its alignment with DIRTT’s commitment to sustainability is ground-breaking in the construction industry. The system’s ability to combine the principle of non-obsolescence with a universal interface for interchangeable parts maximizes the lifecycle of products and the spaces built with them. As a result, Arthrotó benefits from an innovative tool that enhances the design and construction process and supports a circular economy by adopting a more sustainable approach. This is particularly significant given the increasing demand for green solutions in construction and the necessity to future-proof our built environments. ICE represents an innovative stride towards integrating advanced technology, sustainability, and modular construction.


Image credits: DIRTT

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