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Arthrotó Partners with PCC Integrate to Transform Residential Spaces with Advanced Low Voltage and Data Solutions

March 26, 20243 min read

This groundbreaking collaboration enhances Arthrotó's adaptive reuse projects with PCC Integrate's innovative technology solutions.

Arthrotó, a leading innovator in the transformation of underutilized office spaces into modern, sustainable housing, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with PCC Integrate, a trailblazer in prefabricated cabling and technology solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in integrating cutting-edge low voltage and data solutions into Arthrotó's adaptive reuse and conversion projects, setting new standards in residential development.

Since its inception, Arthrotó has been committed to redefining the residential landscape by employing sustainable and efficient construction methodologies. The partnership with PCC Integrate propels this mission further, bringing state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and smart technology integration to the forefront of housing solutions.

Peter Crawley, President and Founder of PCC Integrate, shared his insights on the collaboration: "Prefabrication is the future of construction, offering speed, efficiency, and unparalleled quality. Our journey since 2005 has prepared us to meet the challenges and opportunities of today's construction industry. Partnering with Arthrotó allows us to extend our innovative low-voltage and data solutions to the residential sector, enhancing living spaces with the latest in digital infrastructure."

The collaboration between Arthrotó and PCC Integrate addresses the pressing needs of the modern urban dweller. By harnessing PCC Integrate's proven expertise in low-voltage cabling systems and Arthrotó's visionary approach to housing, the partnership aims to deliver residential environments that are efficient, sustainable, and fully equipped for the digital age.

Integrating PCC Integrate's solutions into Arthrotó's projects means residents will enjoy advanced connectivity and smart building features, from seamless Wi-Fi connectivity and integrated audio-visual setups to comprehensive sensor networks for improved building management and environmental comfort. The adoption of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technologies further illustrates both companies' commitment to innovation, allowing for a more streamlined and energy-efficient integration of power and data.

"This partnership with PCC Integrate represents a pivotal moment in our quest to revolutionize residential spaces," said Doug Hayden, President and Founder of Arthrotó. "By integrating smart, prefabricated technology solutions into our projects, we are not just building homes; we are creating interconnected, responsive environments that cater to the needs of contemporary urban life."

Arthrotó's partnership with PCC Integrate signifies a new era in residential development, where technology, sustainability, and comfort converge to create the ultimate living experience. As both companies move forward, their combined efforts will redefine what it means to call a place home.

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Arthroto + PCC Integrate

About Arthrotó:

Arthrotó is at the forefront of transforming underutilized office spaces into vibrant residential and mixed-use communities. Focusing on sustainable development and innovative construction methods, Arthrotó is dedicated to addressing the urgent need for affordable and efficient housing.

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About PCC Integrate:

PCC Integrate has been leading the way in modular prefabricated cabling and technology solutions since 2005. With a commitment to innovation and quality, PCC Integrate serves clients across Canada, revolutionizing buildings and spaces with advanced IT infrastructure and connectivity solutions.

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