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The strategic partnership between Arthrotó and DIRTT has the potential to redefine urban redevelopment. It represents a fusion of Arthrotó’s ambitious vision for modular construction and DIRTT’s expertise in adaptive and sustainable interior spaces.

Arthrotó has its sights set on converting unused office spaces into residential, mixed-use, and hospi-tality developments. DIRTT’s innovative approach to interior construction is focused on adaptability and building environments that remain relevant over time, which is ideal for these types of projects where uncertainty needs to be embraced.

Adhering to the principles of Design for Manufactur-ing, Assembly and Disassembly (DfMA+D), DIRTT will enable scalability and flexibility of Arthrotó’s spaces, allowing for easy reconfiguration.

DIRTT has the ability to create spaces that can change as families and tenants change, says Geoff Gosling, DIRTT Director and Co-Founder.

“Spaces built with DIRTT can adapt and evolve nimbly in accordance with changing needs. DIRTT looks be-yond the first day of use, understanding that change will be required and enables reconfigurations, adap-tations, and adjustments necessary over time,” ex-plains Gosling.

Image credits: DIRTT (l), Latitude Photography (r)

Sustainability is at the core of DIRTT’s philosophy and is more than just the materials used and the process of lean manufacturing. It also en-ompasses behavioural sus-

tainability as DIRTT interiors

can be adapted and evolved

over time. Utilizing a con-

struction system with a universal interface empowers the interchangeability of parts and maximizes the life cycle of most products. DIRTT also subscribes to non-obsolescence, meaning new DIRTT components work with existing ones.

While Arthrotó is still in the early stages of focusing on capital-raising, securing additional strategic partnerships, and uncovering potential projects, the partnership with DIRTT provides a strong foundation for future ventures.

Headquartered in Calgary, DIRTT is a global leader in industrialized construction. Founded in 2004, the company has delivered billions of dollars in products globally, served over 30% of Fortune 500 companies, and operates from over 480,000 square feet of distributed manufacturing space.

“Our collaboration with Arthrotó represents an innovative stride in urban development that aims to set new standards in the industry,” explains Benjamin Urban, DIRTT CEO. “Our approach to interior construction and our focus on sustainable building aligns well with Arthrotó’s mission.”

Together, Arthrotó and DIRTT envision an efficient, sustainable, and adaptable future.

Arthrotó and DIRTT
Arthrotó and DIRTT

Image credits: DIRTT

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