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Arthroto and Cetana Partner to Revolutionize Canadian Housing with Prefabricated Mass Timber Solutions

April 11, 20242 min read

Arthrotó and Cetana's pioneering partnership introduces eco-friendly, prefabricated mass timber housing, revolutionizing Canadian construction with speed and sustainability.

In a bold move towards sustainability and innovation in housing, Arthrotó, a pioneer in transforming underutilized office spaces into sustainable residential housing, announces a strategic partnership with Cetana Group, a green building and community development leader. This partnership is set to introduce fully prefabricated, Canadian, mass timber housing solutions that promise a significant reduction in construction time, onsite labour, and environmental impact, marking a leap forward in green building processes.

Douglas Hayden, President and Founder of Arthrotó, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Our collaboration with Cetana is a pivotal step towards achieving our vision of creating sustainable, efficient, and affordable housing solutions. With Cetana's expertise in mass timber and our shared commitment to innovation, we are poised to redefine residential construction, offering solutions that are not only quicker to build but also inherently green and sustainable."

Andrew Bowerbank, President & CEO of Cetana, echoed this sentiment: "We are thrilled to join forces with Arthrotó to bring our mass timber housing solutions to a wider market. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to inspire responsible leadership in the built environment, leveraging the power of nature and innovation to create homes that are not only environmentally friendly but also resilient and adaptive to climate change."

The partnership between Arthrotó and Cetana comes at a time when the need for innovative housing solutions has never been more critical. Recent Federal Government announcements have underscored the importance of factory-built housing solutions to address housing affordability and availability issues affecting Canadians. The government for modular and prefabricated homes, including mass timber production, highlights a nationwide shift towards smarter, faster, and more affordable construction methods.

Arthrotó and Cetana's mass timber housing projects will benefit from these federal initiatives, leveraging new funding and measures to accelerate the adoption of green building technologies. This collaboration is not just about building homes; it's about setting a new standard for community development that prioritizes sustainability, wellness, and climate adaptation.

The mass timber solutions developed by Arthrotó and Cetana will be constructed in less than half the time required for conventional construction methods, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and making the dream of green, affordable housing a reality for Canadians.

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Arthroto + Cetana

About Arthrotó:

Arthrotó is at the forefront of transforming underutilized office spaces into vibrant residential and mixed-use communities. Focusing on sustainable development and innovative construction methods, Arthrotó is dedicated to addressing the urgent need for affordable and efficient housing.

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About Cetana Group:

Cetana Group is a pioneering property development firm dedicated to reimagining community development through sustainability, wellness, and climate adaptation principles. With a track record of sustainable building "firsts" in Canada, Cetana aims to harness nature's power to inspire a new standard for community development.

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